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'Danny's drum lessons are not only making noise and having fun, but have had major impact beyond the studio walls too. For example, how to accept the mistakes in our daily life, how to persevere and so much more!' - Kati Dobor

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You'll Learn in Your 2 FREE Lessons ✔

(NOTE: people have paid thousands for this knowledge, but I've managed to condense it into just 60 minutes—and I'm giving it to you for FREE!)

I've discovered that by hacking into 3 key principles, you can go on to play music at the highest level, gain HUGE physical & mental health benefits, and share a deeply valuable gift with music-lovers everywhere.

The 3 Keys to
Drumming Mastery

How do infants learn to walk & talk before they're told how? They're curiosity machines. By tapping back into this latent power—no matter your age—we'll unlock your full learning potential.

Why even learn drums? To play music you love! By cultivating a deeper appreciation of music—and of the best drummers in the world—we'll plant in you a seed of passion that'll guide you all the way up the learning curve.

Can learning drums be fun from start to finish? Over 1000 of my students have proved YES! And when you enjoy practice, you want to practice. When you want to practice, you practice a lot. And when you practice a lot, you get really, really good.

Imagine having the tools to play your favourite tunes like your favourite drummers, find the perfect bandmates, then go on stage feeling confident and ready to entertain...

For 11 years I dreamed of learning to play drums, then—when I finally started lessons—all I heard was 'you can't do it your way'.I was told I had to—

  • Spend hours on the practice pad drilling rudiments (even though 90% of tunes feature only the simplest one),

  • Learn to read music first*,

  • Study boring exam pieces,

  • Pay to take those exams, hoping to meet someone else's musical ideal (and if not, pay again for a retake!)

Why didn't my drum teacher—or anyone else—understand that I could just skip to the fun part? You know: playing real tunes!I remember my Monday morning drum lessons in school like they were yesterday...'Mr. Taylor! Mr. Taylor! Can I show you the Red Hot Chili Peppers beat I learned on the weekend?'
'Okay,' he'd say, crossing his arms and frowning a bit. I suspect what I demonstrated on that crappy old drum kit in our dark little practice room was a long way off what I was trying to imitate. But damn, was I excited about it!
'Okay,' Mr. Taylor would say again once I'd finished, then he'd put the exam book in my face again.Mr. Taylor and I battled for 6 years, and as we did, a hypothesis formed in my mind. This hypothesis would become the basis of my teaching practice for the next 20 years, and I'm going to share the powerful results with you right now.

Today, I play with artists like Roni Size, Culprate & Kelis, and help 100's of drummers to achieve their musical goals without ever asking them to do anything that's not FUN!

See, my old drum teacher's way of working might have made sense, except for one super important detail: I wasn't listening to him, yet I was improving my skills faster than everyone else.It wasn't long before other students of his starting coming to me and asking if I could show them how to play real tunes! And can you blame them?So, I began testing my hypothesis and found that, yes, when drummers are encouraged to follow CURIOSITY, INSPIRATION, and ENJOYMENT, they develop faster than you can imagine.My own development continued at a wild pace. I played my first paying gig at 16 years old, and never looked back. I've since played in dozens of countries with amazing artists, and recorded tunes like this—

But I didn't stop there! I went and studied educational theory, then trained to become a lineaged mindfulness teacher to understand exactly how learning really works (spoiler: it's not what you got in school!)In my free time, I guide people all over the world through their deepest existential questions. (Needless to say, I'm quite prepared for anything that comes up in a drum lesson.)It's all this experience that I'll be using to guide you to the completion of your drumming journey, starting with your 2 free lessons.From there, I'll take you through these 8 stages of development—

  1. Familiarisation (getting comfortable with the instrument)

  2. Building Vocabulary (the beats & everything else that make up your favourite tunes)

  3. Tapping Into Endless Inspiration

  4. Getting the Right Drum Kit For You

  5. Establishing a Regular (FUN!) Practice

  6. Developing Repertoire (we only study music you LOVE)

  7. Absorbing the Skills of the World's Greatest Drummers

  8. Playing With Other Musicians

  9. Performance Skills (including building the core confidence to feel comfortable on stage)

Most importantly, you'll cultivate those all-important 3 Keys to Drumming Mastery, all the way up the learning curve—

THOUSANDS of times, I've seen that where these 3 keys are present, learning to play drums is easy. Hell, where these 3 keys are present, learning anything is easy! That's how powerful this is!

Whether you want to perform on the biggest stages, enjoy playing music at home, develop yourself as a person, or meet new lifelong friends


*Reading music is a wonderful skill—I now benefit from it greatly. it just wasn't for me at the time. Most importantly, it's not compulsory for becoming a great drummer.

You can either keep waiting for the right time, keep holding back on your musical dreams, OR...

You can hop into that first free lesson—with nothing to lose and no obligation to continue—then leave knowing exactly how to master the drum kit effortlessly, and develop a source of joy that you can keep as a hobby or take all the way (like my 1000+ students have already).

Danny Cox has helped more than a thousand drummers to achieve their musical goals by showing them how to gain mastery over the drum kit, understand music deeply, unlock their self-expression, and share these gifts with appreciative audiences.He's also performed and recorded music with international artists like Roni Size, Culprate & Kelis, plus many more talented friends in the UK.Danny brings his deep understanding of educational theory and mindfulness to his teaching practice for beneficial results that extend into all other areas of students' lives.Currently, he devotes his time to reaching even more people online, helping them to become happy and fulfilled—whether through music, mindfulness or both.

Danny at the Drums

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- Anyone who is ill and contagious must stay at home.
SAFEGUARDING- In the performance of music, players bring the whole of themselves to their instrument—body, mind and emotions. It’s my duty to give guidance on all of this, as appropriate. Occasionally, I receive sensitive information, and it’s my duty to act responsibly with it.
- I am not a healthcare professional. Any and all advice I give is opinion only, and is not to be substituted for professional help.
- In the case that I believe a student is in need of professional healthcare—physical or mental—I will make appropriate recommendations.
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- If you desire support in the form of spiritual guidance and practice, please make arrangements to see me as a mindfulness teacher.
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Whilst I'd love to be able to guarantee success for everyone who walks through my door, this isn't realistic.What I can guarantee is that if you follow my advice to the letter, for long enough, you will reach a performance standard on the drum kit.It goes without saying that we're all different. Some of us just love to hit things; some of us have a gentler temperament. Some of us love to perform; others prefer to observe.Many people see me for a number of lessons and then discover that they just don't feel passionate enough about music to go all the way with it. This is totally fine and, in fact, it's very easy to measure: if, after six months of lessons, you don't feel inclined to buy a kit and start practising every day, you're best off trying something else. I want you—and everyone else—to enjoy learning things you're truly curious about.No lesson is a wasted lesson. Every student I've ever said goodbye to has been grateful, not only for the musical skills they've learned, but for the increased co-ordination, confidence, and understanding of music that even a short course of lessons will cultivate.Should you be dissatisfied with a service you've receive from me, please talk to me about it. I promise, I'll receive your feedback with grace. I've not had a single unhappy customer among over 1000, but I know I'm not beyond the possibility of failure (who is?)My job is to broadcast the knowledge and wisdom necessary for you to learn to play the drums to a professional standard. Your opportunity is to receive it, or simply choose that you'd rather go and receive something else.My door swings both ways, and no one who's willing to learn is ever turned away.