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In one-to-one lessons you'll have my undivided attention. We'll spend our entire lesson following your individual curiosities, and you'll be free to ask questions whenever they come up. I'll lead you through the process of figuring things out for yourself, resulting in your acquiring the skills you need to continue your development between lessons.


If lessons are like being in the classroom, coaching is like being at the gym. In these sessions, I'll be your personal trainer. There'll still be some focus on you thinking for yourself, but I'll mostly be setting the exercises and the length of time spent drilling them to train you to the next level of accomplishment.

These sessions can only be taken alongside lessons– coaching is supplementary to the learning process.


There are a few advantages to group lessons. You can split the cost of lessons, or pay the same and enjoy double the time (e.g. you and friend team up in an hour lesson).

You'll be sharing my attention in a group lesson, but you'll gain the privilege of being part of someone else's learning process, and also the opportunity to hear their feedback on your work!


In group coaching sessions you'll join one or more fellow students of a similar level and work to achieve your goals in a fun, supportive team environment.


An intensive course is the Drum Lessons in Bristol bootcamp. Wherever you are in your development, if you want to reach the next level fast, this is how you do it.

We'll meet at length (no cost) to discuss your goals in detail and then plan a personalised schedule, in which we'll work together for up to 6 hours a day, 5 days a week at a greatly reduced cost.


Your kit is the vehicle for your learning. It should feel comfortable and sound sweet. But it's not easy to maintain– it took me as long to learn how to set up and tune drums as it did to learn to play them.

If you'd like me to set up, re-skin and/or tune your drums, send me the details of what needs doing and then we'll arrange a time for me to come and get them singing.


Mindfulness training can help you to experience greater enjoyment, concentration, objectivity and teach you to alleviate common hindrances to the performance of music such as doubt and anxiety. All of this has aided my playing in profound ways.

This training is offered on a donation basis. Please contact me for details.


Feel like you're ready to share your musical skills but not sure how? Already teaching but feel your current students aren't reaching their potential?

Teaching is an entire skillset all its own, yet most musicians fall into it almost by accident. This is what happened to me 15 years ago, and from then on I decided I would treat teaching the same as playing– as a skillset to be practiced and developed. You can do the same.

In these training sessions for aspiring teachers on all instruments, we'll cover principles of educational theory, communication, demonstration and articulation. I'll give you access to a small, simple set of learning materials which are proven to work for students of all ages and abilities, and I'll even observe you giving lessons so that you can receive practical feedback & advice.


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