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In one-to-one lessons we'll spend the entire session following your individual curiosities, and you'll be free to ask questions whenever they come up. You'll be lead through the process of figuring things out for yourself, which will enable you to continue your development between lessons.


Group lessons are an opportunity for you and other drummers to benefit from one another's learning. Any amount of time spent on drums, around drums and thinking about drums is time well spent, so bring another along and take advantage of the extra exposure!


The intensive course is the Drum Lessons in Bristol bootcamp. If you want to reach the next level fast, this is how to do it.

We'll meet at length to discuss your goals in detail, then plan a personalised schedule, in which we'll work together for up to 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.


Your kit is the vehicle for your learning. It should sound good and be easy to play. But it's not simple to maintain– it can take as long to learn how to set up and tune drums as it does to learn to play them well.

If you'd like a set-up, re-skin and/or tuning, send over the details.


Mindfulness practice enhances learning in wonderful ways, such as increased enjoyment, focus and patience. The practice is non-religious, easy and fun, and takes place on a donation basis.


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