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Hey, I'm Danny!

Getting to know one another is an important part of our working together, so let's get a headstart...


I entered a toy shop at 5 years old. I begged for the blue Mickey Mouse kit but my parents wouldn’t give in. I settled for dance classes instead but these were never quite right for me...

At age 11 I finally got drum lessons at school. By this time I was heavily into rock & metal– I wanted to rock out like Lars Ulrich of Metallica, but my drum teacher wouldn’t have it. I’d go into my lesson, excited to show my teacher what I’d been working on over the week. He’d watch politely and then just put the grade book on the music stand. I was so frustrated! 5 years of conflict followed– teacher wanting me to take exams, me just wanting to rock out. I just wanted to play music– being told that this wasn't okay led to a lot of doubt and confusion.

I remember my first performance like it was yesterday: me and some other kids my age on stage in the massive school hall with around 200 kids, parents & teachers attending. I think I visited the bathroom 7 or 8 times before we went on! With sweaty palms I took up my sticks... The tune was ‘How You Remind Me’ by Nickelback. Guitarist started the riff... Vocals came in... Then I played something that sounded like a wardrobe falling down the stairs! I totally messed up my big moment... But I got back on track and made it through the tune.

I had many other difficult performance experiences between then and now. I wasn’t the kid who got everything right first time. But each time I failed, I learned something, and this has been my greatest strength throughout my entire journey.

I failed, and I got better, failed, then got better again. I studied the great drummers of the world and figured out what made them great. I brought these qualities into my own playing. Eventually, people started telling me I had my own thing going on. I got gigs with bigger artists and started recording for people. As I succeeded, I also continued to fail, and so I continued to learn.

Now I'm one of the lucky few who can say that I love my job. I perform & record with amazing artists in a wide range of musical styles and I've shared these experiences with hundreds of aspiring drummers to date.

I'm continuing to develop not only my drumming skills but also my understanding of the body and mind as a whole. I'm training to teach Alexander Technique with the Interactive Teaching Method and I enjoy a fruitful mindfulness practice.

Something I’ve come to realise over the years I’ve spent teaching others is that learning is easy if you're curious, if you get inspired and you enjoy the process. These 3 things are what got me to where I’m at, and there’s good news: I can show you how to cultivate these qualities to fuel your own musical journey.

So if you have any small amount of curiosity about the drums and music, don’t wait. Don’t tell yourself it’s too soon or it’s too late or you don’t have what it takes. You can create what it takes, and I’m here to show you how.


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